What you say about us…..

“All school nurses need to come on this course”


‘’Increased our confidence by giving us permission and tools to talk to young people about their feelings.’’  Residential Care worker


’Provided much needed  emotional support to staff.’’ Social Worker


‘’Helps us challenge our assumptions.’’ Youth Worker


‘’Without the support of the project the interaction within one unit with a particular child would have been vastly different because of his presenting behaviour, not as good by any means as it has been, and might have been detrimental.’’


‘’Increased our ability to talk about uncomfortable feelings, behaviours and issues’’.


‘’Jude has given us ways to talk to young people and what to say in certain situations. She sees who we really are.’’


‘’Not scared to be wrong, different ways of exploring things, ‘Life journey’ work very useful, given us more guidance about what to do to prepare a young person for independence, and how to approach him about it.’’


‘’By commissioning wellbeing projects there was a recognition that we are looking after the most damaged and complex children ‘’



“The LSCB training group in Hounslow was involved in piloting Jude Sellen’s new training materials. We only wanted 25 people but 70 came forward to do it! This huge response gave us some important messages.


It showed us the overwhelming need felt by professionals to develop confidence to respond appropriately to young people who deliberately injure themselves and those expressing suicidal thoughts. It also showed us that we have some real expertise here in a discrete group of people across varies agencies including education, counselling services, educational psychology services, social work. We are bringing these people together to form a group of trainers who will soon to be delivering the materials in the pack.


The pack is full of sound and grounded advice and wise counsel. We are looking forward hugely to delivering it. The team who we are bringing together see it as a great opportunity for their own professional development as well as being committed to supporting their colleagues and the young people in our borough.”


Janet Johnson. LSCB training and development manager.