Congratulations for completing our Trauma & Wellbeing 2014 Programme

wellbeingprojects programmes recognise making an impact matters – to children, families, your organisation and you – the importance of self reflection, supervision and training helps this become a reality.


Special thanks to the cohorts of staff across Birmingham who completed the ‘Trauma, Wellbeing and Safeguarding training programme’ facilitated by wellbeingprojects founder, Jude Sellen.




Here is some of the feedback from participants – who included: School Nurses, Social Workers, Family Support Workers, and Youth Workers :

  • Great course – really increased my knowledge and has made me think far more about what I say and how I am in my work with young people

  • The Transactional Analysis Models help and I have used them in my work and would recommend them being available to all staff

  • Its a very though provoking course and I ve left feeling much more confident if faced with a young person who is suicidal

  • Its a very intense programme and would recommend to anyone wanting to increase their support of vulnerable children and families

  • Makes sense why self soothing is so important

  • The theory is backed up with real examples so unlike a lot of training, I ve been able to leave the course and apply what I ve learnt immediately

  • Increased my knowledge, really liked knowing the definition of trauma – ‘wound’ – and how to talk to children and families about trauma and its impact on their wellbeing.

  • Made me aware of my own feelings and the T.A. models help us make sense of what happens in our working relationships with service users – leading to me being able to take care of me better as well as others.

  • I now have different ways to make sense of trauma and found the Observation Tool really helps



The above programme includes:

  • Two full training days – with 4-6 weeks gap between each day, allowing participants to apply their learning from Day 1 and make use of the tools offered
  • Day 2 includes reflective practice action learning sets and an introduction to Suicide Awareness
  • Follow up group reflective practice sessions – over a period of 3-6 months(Optional)

During the programme we look at what Trauma actually is; how it impacts upon our well-being; and equip you with a vocabulary to engage with children and adults within your communities – making early intervention effective and meaningful to both service users and staff alike.

Early Intervention is complex and hard to evidence, therefore we are keen to work with you to provide specialist packages of support via training, supervision and workshops, where we introduce goal setting tools, supported by a ‘managing feelings’ framework .



Outcomes from working with us on this programme will include:

Increased confidence, understanding and skills in working with vulnerable children and families to emotionally self regulate.


Access to models to improve your self care and working relationships with service users.


An opportunity to work with others to tackle stigma.


Boost your organisations/ schools staff and service user care by working with us to tackle the impact of trauma.


Improve the mental and physical well-being of members of your local communities.


Become proactive in reducing suicide as a choice.



For more information on this and other packages  please contact us


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