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Birmingham City Council has commissioned us to work with providers of children’s services, including schools for you to shape your own postvention guidelines* – contact us to get involved this Summer Term


‘The Elephant in the Room: Youth Suicide a Reality’ . Does your school want to get involved? We come to you and run youth consultations about this really important subject and your pupils can get involved in shaping creative workshops to reduce suicide as a choice. Get involved to input youth suicide awareness week this coming September 2014.


Become a pilot site : Pilot the new Building Trauma Sensitive Learning Environments Checklist tool – to support school climate improvement cycles
Welbeingprojects wants to kite mark your school – make a commitment and sign up to get yearly support and materials to support you create a truly Trauma Sensitive Learning Environment


About wellbeingprojects…..
Wellbeing projects is an organisation focused on raising awareness of the impact of trauma on children’s lives and upon those who seek to support them. Jude Sellen is the Founder of wellbeingprojects. We work with you to increase confidence, understanding, knowledge and skills in supporting children and young people manage their feelings such that suicidal thoughts, low mood and a lack of hope are reduced . This can be achieved through having opportunities to ask the difficult questions, reflect on how to respond, and consider how staff look after themselves, as well as those they seek to support. We can offer individual. group, peer, team opportunities to reflect on how to get the best from yourself as a professional, your colleagues , your team and most importantly the child, young person, family you are working with. We introduce models from Transactional Analysis and the work of Dr Peter Levine.


Any member of staff seeking to support a young person manage their feelings needs training; to reflect, to review the ways they engage with children and families; to gain new skills and increase their knowledge base. Workshops include: youth self harm; suicide awareness, developing postvention protocols, eating problems, when does low mood become depression, reflective practice groups…..


We offer bespoke programmes and materials to fit your needs. *A postvention is an intervention conducted after a suicide


What can we offer you?

Sample packages include: ‘The flexible schools programme’

Rationale for programme
Responding to pupils increasing high levels of emotional and mental health needs, requires professionals working in learning environments to have access to high quality support and training to increase their capacity to support pupils. Equally important is the need for professionals to take care of their own mental health needs, so frequently overlooked as a result of the demands placed upon them. With this in mind wellbeingprojects offers bespoke packages of training and support over the school year (Totalling 70 hours – arranged to fit with your timetable).


Flexible programme content
Full / part day workshops with flexible timings to meet your time frame include:
• The relationship between trauma and learning
• The emergence of eating problems
• Understanding depression in children and young people
• Youth suicide – a reality. Looking at prevention
• Emotional regulation skills
• Self-harm v self –nurturing
Workshops are interwoven with reflective practice group sessions each term allowing professionals to reflect on their learning and consider ‘real’ scenarios.
• We introduce a ‘whole schools’ approach, working to build trauma sensitive learning environments for your pupils and staff – pilot the new Checklist tool to support school climate improvement cycles -a whole schools approach to identify, manage, and support the emotional wellbeing of pupils, families and professionals alike.


Our model to support learning into action provides you with:
• Workshops with opportunities for reflective practice.
• Exploration of attitudes about the topic.
• Consideration of evidenced based models to support less school exclusions.
• Increased understanding about the use of somatic experiencing – improving pupils capacity to emotionally self regulate.
• An increased understanding of the impact of trauma and grief for pupils
• A postvention protocol and what to do when a pupil is suicidal or takes their life.


wellbeingprojects routinely collates feedback from participants which evidence the following outcomes. Participants:
• Gain a greater understanding of how trauma manifests itself, the process of trauma and how to reduce its impact on pupils physical and mental well-being
• Value the intense reflective practice training programme to support knowledge, understanding and skills in supporting presentations of self harm, suicidal ideation, and low mood
• Find exceptional value from our practical consistent and robust support /supervision


Capacity building workshops : Peer train the trainers programmes: costs available on request Unspoken voice workshops creative mind/body discussion groups for pupils and students supporting increased youth self care

Resources include CD Roms; short films to support discussions with staff and students; School Improvement Cycle – Trauma Sensitive Learning Environments tool and guidelines; an array of subject to support your learning environments improve your mental health outcomes for pupils and students, and staff alike. Prices available on request.
For more details contact us asap and be a part of supporting your pupils

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